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We started raising TOP QUALITY SHORKIES IN 2004. I am responsible for working with families to purchase the Shorkie baby, and all vet appointments. My y husband and daughter are  primarily responsible for playing with the babies.

As a quality puppy Shorkie breeder we specialize in puppies with good temperaments that make them excellent family dogs.

We do not sell to any other breeders, brokers or pet shops. All our adult dogs are tested for genetic health problems before breeding. Our puppies are introduced to children and other animals as part of their socialization. We also give a 5 year Genetic Defect Warranty on every puppy.

We deliver to the St. Louis, Tulsa Oklahoma and can have your baby hand delivered to most other cities, and states. Or we can fly your baby home via the airlines.

Our parents are registered with AKC health checked regularly to rule out early health problems.

Each of our puppies is carefully selected to meet the needs of our puppy parents. We give an excellent health warranty and enjoy socializing our puppies. We get many comments on how easily they are to train and how well socialized they are! We are always here to answer your questions and enjoy the friendships we have made with our customers.

Our dog breeding program is supervised by our veterinarian. Each puppy is carefully checked and has started immunizations. Our puppies are treated for parasite prevention with the latest products.
































































Website Information:

Building a successful business weather it be on line or business front, is advertising. When some one has a online business developing a solid approach to your website is one of the best approach's you can take to make sure you offer the people that find you great information about what they are looking for.
That is why we have several different domain names linking to our main website. Because of the type of breeder I am I don't want to exchange links with just any one. Although if you are an ethical breeder that dose the testing your should do contact me and we could exchange links.
 We offer our puppy parents so much information that some times they get over whelmed, by having smaller versions of our website for people to read they feel more relaxed and not so over whelmed. Also each one website we have has different information about our breed along with keywords or phrases in it for the search engines.  
By doing this we are using an ethical source of increasing our links naturally. 

No matter what you do there is no quick way to build a solid base on incoming natural links to your site. It is hard work. Every breeder wants to be number 1 in the search engines. But it is very hard to achieve this and takes allot of time and dedication. Although we have achieved this and we don't always have puppies available we want feature puppy parents to know that when we don't have babies available we do have an on going waiting list.

 I have NEVER participate in link schemes and have always abided by and applied all Google Guidelines to our websites.

There are many companies that we have seen ads for offering to sale incoming links, what they don't tell you is that they go against Google guide lines. And if you get caught you can be banned from Google, we did not want this to happen to us so we took the time, energy and spend the money to do it the correct ethical way.

We also have several domain names for sale at this time. so if you are looking for a great domain name or need a website just let us know.




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